If you are from the USA or South America
Please visit our website www.security-umbrella.com.

My name is Gerhard Spannbauer and I am the owner of the company Explore International Ltd., the umbrella manufacturer.

Your satisfaction is my priority. My sincerity is reflected in the numerous positive reviews I have received. We offer speedy delivery, we reply to your questions quickly and if ever there is a problem, you can be sure we have a fair and easy solution.

You have come to the right place; as the manufacturer of the umbrella, we practically give you a lifetime guarantee. No matter what the problem may be; a torn seam, a lost carry-bag or what ever the problem may be, simply contact us.

I live abroad so I cannot be reached by phone easily. The easiest way to contact me any time is via email. Please email me at info@security-umbrella.eu.

Thank you for your interest and trust. We will not disappoint you.

Gerhard Spannbauer