Paul Gruber 5. Dan Shitoryu Shukokai Karate martial arts and self-defense instructor

The Security Umbrella - an excellent auxiliary weapon for everyday self-protection

My name is Paul Gruber. For almost fifteen years I have been running the SANKAN martial arts school in eastern Bavaria with my daughter Ramona. Together we teach Shitoryu Karate, FIT'n'FUN Boxing and Tai Chi. With more than 80% share of lessons, children and adolescents are our strongest target group. In my region, I am counted among the security experts and not just at the schools in the district. At regular intervals, we organize self-defense classes in schools, but we also offer self-protection workshops for adults.

In this context, a few years ago during my research on the Internet I discovered the Security Umbrella. Since we are also trained in Kobudo weapon combat, for me auxiliary weapons, such as the walking stick Bo, are of interest to me. And so I liked the idea  to incorporate this inconspicuous everyday object into our self-defense courses from the beginning. When the first Security Umbrella arrived, we checked it out first and of course tried to break it. Two of my karate instructors, each weighing 100 kilograms, stood on the umbrellas and tried to break them. What should I say - without success!

Since that time, we have included the Security Umbrella in our teaching concept in self-defense. It makes me smile to see the astonished faces of the participants when I place the umbrella between two chairs and then I stand on it.

I was also very excited when we suggested that the umbrella be supplemented with a ladies' version, that then shortly thereafter came on the market. This shapely ladies' umbrella, also had to undergo the extreme test and endure the weight of 100 kilograms of my SV-teacher.

Of course, to deal with a dangerous situation in the first place you need a confident appearance and a cool head. Nevertheless, in my view, the security umbrella is an excellent complement to the use of everyday instruments, as we use and train them in self-defense. We can also effectively counter the defense against knife attacks and blows. Normal umbrellas would certainly not withstand this enormous load and break.

Here I see the big advantages for the use of security umbrellas in case of emergency. That is why we always recommend to all participants of our courses to buy this umbrella.


Paul Gruber

5. Dan Shitoryu Shukokai Karate

martial arts and self-defense instructor

94481 Grafenau

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