10 Reasons for the Security Umbrella

1. The Security Umbrella is not subject to any legal restrictions worldwide and is therefore absolutely legal. It can be carried anywhere, even cross-border travel and you even pass the strict security checks at the airport.

2. It does not stand out or provoke anyone and fits in any environment.

3. In case of emergency, it is a huge difference whether you have to defend yourself with your bare hands or if you have an effective tool like the Security Umbrella at hand. Please take a quick look at this video for a first impression and take the test by coping with such a situation: you are the victim and a second person approaches you. On the first try you have nothing in the hand and it comes to the immediate body contact. Now imagine that the aggressor is physically superior to you physically. In the second step, take an umbrella and fight off the video with a stab. - Do you recognize the huge difference? It's a completely different situation where the umbrella makes it much harder for the attacker to approach you at all times.

4. If attacked, it will greatly increase your resilience by fending off your blows and kicks with the umbrella instead of your body. This will avoid pain and the risk of being hurt. The attacker is irritated if he does not achieve a lasting effect.

5. Owning the security umbrella gives you a sense of security and strength. That makes you very different from the typical victim. Criminals are interested in simply overpowering victims. If you do not comply with this picture, you will not be tackled at all. A customer describes it like this: "Hello, my umbrella accompanies me in all ways. I have found that it has a great preventative effect. I have to pass the main train station every day. If I feel intimidated by anyone hanging around there, I take the umbrella from my shoulder firmly in the hand and their interest is waned immediately. " MK  

6. You will learn how to handle the self-protection within a few weeks with our video instruction produced especially for the use of the Security Umbrella. And this without costly and expensive seminars. With the help of our course you will learn all the necessary techniques and with the exercises shown you will gain the necessary safety.

7. The Security Umbrella strengthens you in many ways and empowers you to fend off even superior attackers. Among other things, it increases your range - remember how valuable this is, for example, in tall boxers.

The image on the right shows that the attacker can do little, though he may be stronger and more agile. Whether he wants to hit, kick or grab the umbrella; a painful push with the umbrella is faster. The security umbrella compensates for inferiority or even creates superiority. Of course, the prerequisite is that you know how to use it properly; but you will learn this with the help of our detailed video tutorial.  

8. It strengthens those who are not so young, strong or fit anymore. So all those who are preferred to be chosen as victims. This is done by buying the umbrella and watching the video course immediately and is far more effective than through self-defense seminars. For example. It is hard for an older, not so strong and rather unsportsmanlike person to learn all that in a seminar to stop a strong and agile attacker. In contrast, the Security Umbrella upgrades your skills enormously, as described in point 7.   

9. You will need an umbrella very often due to weather conditions anyway. So buy the Security Umbrella and video tutorial - then you will cover both needs with rain protection and your personal safety.

10. The Security Umbrella is, compared to the pepper spray, the electric shock device, the voicealarm etc., the only safety remedy with a real practical use value.

Important Notes:

A typical self-defense situation usually takes only a few moments and the first few seconds decide. If the victim is not intimidated (see the video above) and defends himself accordingly, most of the culprits break off their plan. Even if many videos give the impression that these are minutes of fighting.

There is no guarantee on the road and of course we do not want to give the impression that the security umbrella protects you in every situation and nothing happens to you. We do not say that explicitly. But we know that your chances are much better with this special umbrella.

Here you can order the appropriate security umbrella and the video instruction in our shop.    

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