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The best way for you to learn self-defense


Due to the increasing crime, basic knowledge in self-defense is now indispensable. The danger of becoming a victim of an attack itself increases as well as the places at risk. This raises the question of how to most effectively acquire this knowledge.


At first glance, attending a self-defense seminar may seem the way to go to improve your safety. The advantages speak for themselves: you listen to a trained and experienced professional, see his demonstrations, do the exercises with a training partner and then you have the opportunity to ask questions. - Sounds very good, but …


.... why does this not work for me?


Let's look at why you do are not achieving your goal: Who says the technical background of your trainer is really useful for you? That he starts at the right point? Is it certain that you can use the techniques in an emergency just as professionally as he can? Remember, your instructor is a continuously training martial artist with decades of experience. - Unlike you.


Furthermore, who gives you the guarantee that he has the necessary pedagogical skills to educate you properly? Do you belong to the average who has internalized the techniques after the predetermined repeated passage? Is your training partner the competent and accurate coach to guide you correctly? And last but not least, how much will you know about the seminar in a few weeks?


As you can see, there are actually some questions, and if you have already attended such seminars then you will surely find yourself back in some points. Your still existing uncertainty is not necessarily based on your (in) abilities; but on the fact that you really cannot advance with a daytime seminar.


Cheaper, time-saving, targeted - this approach will get you to your destination faster


On the other hand, a different learning approach will prepare you for the emergency with much less effort: the self-study with a professional educational film. This is the cheaper and more effective way, which also gives you lasting security. You will learn the basic techniques from a selected experienced instructor.


In the case of our two DVDs, this is our chief instructor Robert Amper; We talked to many instructors and even took instructions to find the one who really got the hang of the umbrella. Another important criterion was its ability to convey this to ordinary people without prior knowledge so that they can implement it.


The systematics of the training by means of a teaching film brings the following advantages for you:


  • You pay less than for a self-defense seminar.
  • You do not have to go anywhere and thus save travel time, gasoline and parking costs.
  • You watch the DVD at a convenient time; If something is unclear to you, then rewind and look at it again.
  • You perform the exercises with a partner of your choice.
  • You can watch the DVD together with your family members and make sure that everyone is on the safe side.
  • If you do not remember exactly after weeks or months, simply insert the DVD again.


By self-study with the help of the DVD you improve your defense capability in a relatively short time. It is possible to be much better equipped in just two to four weeks. Of course, it is important that you take the time to do the exercises.


Prepared without any aids


Try it out first with the DVD "Stayalive" by our chief instructor Robert Amper. In this DVD, you will learn the most important and basic techniques for mastering dangerous situations without the aid of a tool. In addition to demonstrations of realistic attacks, you will see the recommended defensive actions along with detailed explanations and the necessary exercises. This DVD is for everyone, but especially for women and girls who are more vulnerable these days.


Physical contact with the attacker - no thanks!


Despite this knowledge, do not risk the incalculables that can result from physical contact with the attacker. Order the security umbrella as a tool to keep the attacker at bay. This prevents the attacker from touching you. This is psychologically the worst thing that can happen to you and complicates any defensive action. With the umbrella you turn the tables;, in many cases, the physical inferiority due to the effective tool can become a superiority. Of course, I entrust all umbrella owners with our instructional film on how to use the umbrella. This DVD teaches you everything important how to use the umbrella in an emergency. The security umbrella is a very efficient tool, but only if you can handle it professionally. Of course, some may think, well, sounds good, but what do the DVDs bring if I do not do the exercises?


The answer is simple: nothing! It is common knowledge: if you do not make an effort and do not practice it repeatedly, you will not become a master. Some need the bad experience first to draw logical conclusions from it. Hopefully you are not one of them, but you invest a small amount and a bit of time to get ready in advance. You will feel good in many situations and that is more than worth the effort.


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February 21, 2018 by Gerhard Spannbauer