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Brand new: This will enable you to effectively defend yourself in 14 days

If you act smarter than most, then it is possible to improve your own defense capability within a few weeks to the point where you are armed for 90% of all attacks. To do that, you need to know the following:

  • Focus on the most necessary but effective techniques that you can quickly acquire.
  • Use a learning opportunity that allows you to quickly acquire the data according to your needs and that ensures that you get the knowledge of a high technical level.
  • Also use a tool that compensates for the non-existent martial arts skills.

If you follow this, then you can increase your self-defense ability to levels that will help you deal with the usual dangerous situations on the road as you work through the knowledge. Here we explain why you can do that with the security umbrella and our instructional film.

  1. How do you get the right techniques that work when you have no background in martial arts?

Our tutorial on our DVD teaches you the essential and immediately functioning techniques that you quickly learn and internalize. Our chief instructor Robert Amper knows the violence on the streets and has seen injured, bleeding and dying people. Likewise, he has been personally confronted with highly dangerous people and situations. He knows how things are on the road and what techniques work. That is why he is able to tell you exactly what's really going on in an assault, not what he imagines out of the gym. Therefore, we dare to say that with the training film on the use of the security umbrella, you will learn exactly what is important on the streets and it will also work for you.

  1. What is the best way to learn this?

In what way do you learn this the fastest? A one-on-one training session with an experienced trainer who meets the requirements of point one would be an option if he has enough free time for the next two weeks. And you have a budget of roughly 1,190 euros (20 hours - 50 euros plus VAT) available for it. - You see, that's a bit problematic.

How about working with an educational film on DVD instead? In this way, you get your personal trainer for 30 euros at home that is available to you at any time. You can watch the educational film at a time in a frequency that suits you. Also the speed of learning the number of passes are determined by you. You practice until you are really sure; There is no trainer who has to work through a class with the class in a certain amount of time or a training partner who is too fast. - So if you want to be fit in a week, you achieve this with the appropriate use. Our instructional film fulfills all concerns that you can put to the source of knowledge.

  1. Use the security screen to find a tool that compensates for weaknesses or non-existent knowledge

Of course, in two weeks you will not be fit for a serious physical altercation. It lacks almost everything; You do not have the basic techniques and the necessary agility. There is also a lack of basic understanding and attitude. But all of this is not necessary if you use a security tool with an aid that puts this into the background for your self-defense. If you study the umbrella intensively for two weeks, you become so good at ignoring the other points because you simply do not need them. We will explain this below with a practical example. They will then travel confidently and already make sure not to be selected as a victim. Thus, the security umbrella clearly meets the point 3.

We are happy to open the magic cylinder of rapid self defense capability so you can see that this is just right for you and your loved one. Take a close look at the following picture. Our instructional film begins very fundamentally and teaches you, among other things, to recognize dangers in good time as well as proper body and umbrella posture.

You recognize it here:

1. Mr. Amper is in a good position, even better than the attacker; whose physical superiority does not match his.
2. The villain cannot do much. No matter if he hits his arm or his left leg for a shot, the umbrella will be faster. Even if he wants to grab the front arm, he will get away from it as soon as he feels the pain from the first umbrella impact.

  1. Mr. Amper offers no significant attack surface and the opponent has no chance to take the umbrella from him.
    4. 90% of all attackers then give up because they cannot break the unexpected resistance quickly.
    5. Without the umbrella, it would be a man-to-man confrontation, and the physical superiority and brutality would clearly speak in favor of the attacker.

I'm assuming that you can also stand sideways, holding the umbrella and lurching forward fast, right? - If you see this as realistic, learnable and feasible for you, then our DVD "Security Umbrella" and especially the Security Package is just the thing for you to become so much more confident that you no longer have to worry about it on the street. You can watch the DVD anytime in the future and therefore achieve a long-lasting ability that secures you for years.

Here you will find the security packages.

March 18, 2018 by Gerhard Spannbauer