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Stefan Wüthrich "The Bear" - professional trainer for Martial arts, selfdefense and functional fitness

Since 2000, I have been a professional instructor of martial arts, self-defense and functional fitness. My school is located in the heart of Switzerland, in the capital city Bern.

The Security Umbrella can be integrated easily in our martial art sport and self-defense system ACDS. The umbrella allows the user to defend themselves effectively and efficiently in various situations. The stability and mobility of the umbrella was particularly impressive. We used the umbrella for de-escalating a situation as well as actual self-defense situations. It therefore covers a wide range of release, block and attack techniques. Anyone can purchase and carry it. This makes it the perfect companion for anyone. I highly recommend it!

Stefan Wüthrich

Headcoach AMBOgroup Ostermundigen Bern

Ambo Training Martial Arts

Rütiweg 89, CH-3072 Ostermundigen (BE) Switzerland

T +76 535 92 44



A great idea; Stefan Wüthrich lets two normal people test that have nothing to do with self-defense the umbrella.



When professionals use our secrity umbrella. 


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