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Holger Säckel, instructor for realistic self-defense

I currently instruct primarily women in realistic self-defense.

My training is based on easy to learn, effect techniques from several very effective fight arts, which I myself have trained in for 20 years and still train.

Since my training is usually under realistic circumstances (parking structures, stairways, forest, etc.) using ordinary, everyday tools as an effective means of self-defense, it was logical for me to also use the Security Umbrella in my training.

The requirements I set were that the Security Umbrella must be of a very high quality workmanship, that one could use it as an ordinary umbrella, there are and will not be restrictions of “possession of a weapon” and that it be implemented efficiently for self-protection, provided one has been properly trained.

I introduced this Security Umbrella to my students and recommended purchasing one for themselves, family and friends.

It is now a permanent part of my student’s training in realistic self-defense.

I can only say, it’s great!

Holger Säckel

Contact: saehol@web.de

October 22, 2017 by Gerhard Spannbauer

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