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Umbrella with special capabilities

I would like to begin by saying: I am a martial arts instructor in our martial arts club and I am partial to the subject self-defense. I see many things sold as “self-defense” and I am critical of them, or to put it more bluntly, I think most of them are rubbish. Our Karate style is considered by many to be one of the toughest and most versatile styles in Karate. This style encourages and demands contact with the challenger (partner). Thus, lever and hit techniques are realistically trained.

Which brings us to the umbrella. The umbrella is very similar to the Hanbo (half stick). The Hanbo is perfect for self-defense, but realistically when does anyone have that kind of a stick readily at hand – actually never. That is where the umbrella comes in to play. I have always seen umbrellas as a useful self-defense tool and have taught it as such (but it was definitely always broken afterwards). The Safety Umbrella is quasi the second Hanbo and one can do everything with it that can be done with a stick. Anyone who has experience in stick fighting will love this umbrella.

The umbrella is well balanced, the knob (and the entire umbrella) are the appropriate size, the tip is reinforced and the shaft is hard/flexible enough not to break. The lever techniques we attempted with the umbrella resulted in the expected effect: it caused a lot of pain!!!

We also tested the umbrella in ways for which it was not intended. It withstood a blow to a steel ballet bar as well as full force bending on that bar. The umbrella rod remained undamaged.


This is a great product that is inconspicuous, but with the right technique is a real surprise to a would be attacker.

And one more thing, it is and always will be an umbrella that (in the case of the normal self-defense umbrella) is large enough to protect 2 people from rain, which is what an umbrella should primarily do.

Alfred Peter

  1. Dan Kyokushinbudokai
  2. Dan Kyokushin Karate


October 22, 2017 by Gerhard Spannbauer

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